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Samson was once our gorgeous German Shepherd who kicked the bucket in a while ahead of Christmas in 2014 on the age of seven from most cancers. We are devoted to honoring his title through offering secure, top quality, distinctive, and a laugh merchandise for our pet-loving shoppers, and through giving again to the pet-loving neighborhood. 

Life for Samson started in a horrid pet mill in Oklahoma. He spent the primary 3 months of his lifestyles in a small and grimy cage. Having eaten a mixture of kibble and his personal feces, Samson was once affected by Coccidia and Giardia once we took ownership of him. My spouse and I, and our 4 babies welcomed him into our house with nice love and being concerned. Samson was once our first circle of relatives canine. 

As Samson grew up with us and matured, his protecting instincts started to appear. Every evening whilst our kids had been drowsing, my spouse and I’d listen him strolling at the hallway wooden flooring and input into their bedrooms to test on them. He sought after to ensure our kids had been secure. This was once an excellent factor to revel in. He beloved spending summers at our circle of relatives’s lake space in Connecticut swimming with our kids, eagerly chasing them off the dock, dutifully digging holes within the lakeside seashore sand, and enjoyable within the coloration beneath his favourite oak tree. Having lived for most effective seven years, Samson crammed our circle of relatives’s hearts with glorious reminiscences that can final without end. He was once an excellent canine and circle of relatives member. It was once two years in the past this previous December that we misplaced Samson to most cancers. We pass over him dearly. 

Like all puppy house owners, the loss of a liked canine, cat, chicken, to call a couple of, affects a circle of relatives a great deal. There’s a deep emotional ache that by no means is going away. So we shaped The Samson Pet Group the usage of that ache to honor his title through doing one thing concerning the demanding situations that affect those blameless creatures. 

We had been a great deal blessed as a circle of relatives to have had the assist to search out that not noted domestic dog in Oklahoma and to had been in a position to present Samson a loving house. We a great deal respect all puppy fans around the globe who tirelessly rescue and undertake animals in want. They do nice paintings and we thank them fascinated by giving their Samson a loving house. 

The preliminary spark for the speculation for our inaugural line of canine toys was once impressed way back through our grandfather, Bill. He would at all times say, “When I die, I want to come back as a dog to find out what’s so attractive about their backsides!”


As canine house owners and clients of numerous canine toys over time, my spouse and I’ve come throughout a mess of toys scented like bacon, cheese, hamburgers, rooster, salmon, and different delectable meals pieces. They appear all smartly and just right to canines, or even interesting to our personal human senses, however we felt one thing was once lacking. Why now not odor a canine toy with a odor this is herbal and inherent to a canine? Seemed evident to us a minimum of. Why now not odor a canine toy with a odor that comes from the preferred anatomical location recognized to all dogkind? Why now not odor a canine toy that smells like a canine’s butt? gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== - Story of The Samson Pet Group

So someday we determined to make a canine toy scented like a canine’s butt. But how? It began with working out what is so horny and particular a few canine’s butt. It turnes out, a canine’s butt could be very particular. New York Times bestselling writer, Alexandra Horowitz writes in her new e-book, Being a Dog, “At either side of the anus – ‘at four and eight o’clock,’ one writer helpfully guides the clock-readers among us – are anal sacs producing a strong odor of dog.” She continues, “A sniff of another dog reveals who he is, but also information that only the more undignified gaze would catch as it falls. dogs do not glance under the belly to see if the new dog is male or female. They smell male or female. Moreover, they may smell ready to mate, or being recently ill, or of having recently eaten. They smell their age: age is but a metabolic process, chemistry. And chemistry smells. Dogs smell of having had a bath or not having had one; they smell of having recently peed or very much havint to pee. They smell of themselves, their status, and likely, whether they are scared or happy or anxious.” As you’ll be able to see, a canine’s butt is a complete data middle. 

Our analysis known the natural compounds that come from a canine’s anal sacs that produce that sturdy odor of a canine. From there we replicated artificial variations of those natural compounds. Each of our distinctive canine toys comprise an quantity this is secure for canines of any weight, an quantity just a canine can hit upon, and an quantity a canine proprietor can respect. 


We offered our patent pending CANINE COOLEYS™ and MUTT BUTTS® canine toys to the marketplace in November 2016. These flattie, top quality, hand-crafted, crammed, squeaker-free canine toys have a heavy accountability ripstop polyester material frame and completed with a triple-stitched, sturdy nylon binding edge. They’re to be had within the U.S. and Canada from our on-line retailer for $14.95 at We’re additionally very excited to introduce our new COOLEY COMPANIONS™ and BUTT BUDDIES™ canine toys. Based on our tremendous in style CANINE COOLEYS™ and MUTT BUTTS® canine toys, they are designed for the small pure-bred and combined breed adults and pups. They’re additionally to be had within the U.S. and Canada from our on-line retailer for $nine.95 at


The phrase is spreading temporarily amongst our passionate, dog-loving shoppers around the United States and Canada. Dogs of each and every breed and their house owners are opting for our canine toys as a result of they are a laugh and long-lasting. Even amongst the ones Olympian chewers who in most cases spoil their crammed toys inmere moments, our toys are lasting weeks and months! It is one of our targets at The Samson Pet Group to make our canine toys EVERY DOG’S DESIRE®!


Not most effective is The Samson Pet Group devoted to creating distinctive puppy merchandise by no means ahead of noticed, we will be able to be taking the similar method in terms of the formation of our charitable giving. As we develop, it’s our need, for starters, to present a share of all purchases to more than a few animal welfare organizations and reasons as regards to our hearts and our buyer’s. One such motive we are running on is the formation of The Samson Canine Cancer Research Foundation. 




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