ode to an old dog - Ode to an Old Dog

Smiling white-faced
clown, tongue
like a rainy crimson rag.
Ear-scratcher. Shadow
of gold at my heels.
leash jingler –
solar, wind, snow
and rain. Never met
a stranger,
sloppy kisses throughout.
Head out the Honda window,
ears billowing
within the breeze. Kibble-gobbler.
Toasty snuggler,
hairy foot hotter
jawing a soggy tennis ball.
grass-snacking device.
Paw in my lap,
drool on my shoe.
Wobbly leg-lifter,
yellow snow maker,
overdue afternoon napper
with a chilly rainy nostril.
Woof on the door.
Circle thrice, drop
in a clatter and sigh.

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