Can meals stamps stay canines and cats out of shelters and minimize the euthanasia fee? That’s one of the most questions being requested as a results of a Mississippi guy’s Care2 petition for the choice to use meals stamps for dog food. To date, greater than 168,000 folks have signed this petition.

The Food Stamp Act of 1964 created this system that’s turn out to be a digital lifeline for the un- and underemployed, youngsters and seniors. Now referred to as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), it is helping greater than 40 million low-income Americans keep away from hunger every 12 months.

Recognizing that pets upload worth and objective to human lives, and that individuals’s financial standing can exchange in a heartbeat thru no fault of their very own, the petition—which used to be began through Edward B. Johnston Jr.—asks the Department of Agriculture to come with dog food on its listing of eligible pieces.

According to a fresh article within the Washington Post, “14 percent of all pet-owning households make less than $25,000 per year, which, for a family of four, is roughly the federal poverty line.” The baseline price for feeding a canine is $235 a 12 months, an quantity that may be past the achieve of the ones suffering financially.

In order for this petition to achieve success, Congress would want to exchange the definition of “food,” which now specifies that or not it’s meant for human intake. Given Washington’s ideological gridlock, it’s onerous to be constructive about a certain end result in this factor. Yet, the explanations in the back of it are thought-provoking, and worthy of attention. Better vitamin has a social worth, as does animal companionship. It’s onerous to see a drawback to selling each.

As Johnson says in his petition, “Being poor is hard enough, without being expected to give up your companion.”

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